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    Kalo Travel Taki!

    ΚΑΛΟ ΤΑΞΙΔΙ ΣΤΟΝ ΤΑΚΗ ΜΠΟΓΔΑΝΟ Έφυγε από τη ζωή ο Τάκης Μπογδάνος σε ηλικία 83 ετών , who was the emblematic figure of Cricket, and from the top of the island kriketistes. Player G.S.K Byron, αρχηγός της Εθνικής

  • New President of the Balkan Cricket Federation Mr.. Joseph Nikitas

        Το Σάββατο 27 May was held in Sofia, Bulgaria The Annual General Meeting of Balkan Cricket Federation in the presence of representatives of the Balkan Federations. In the meeting was also attended by President Mr. EL.O.K. Iosif Nikitas representing

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    Student Cricket Tournament 14th Primary School

      Completed successfully the student Cricket Tournament organized by the 14th Primary School in collaboration with the Greek Federation Cricket. At competitions took place over 180 students from six primary schools namely, 14th which


    After the Lord's Taverners, The Hellenic Cricket Federation concluded Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May, friendly matches, with another historic team Cricket, that of LOST MARBLES. The Group of LOST MARBLES led by Archie Orr Ewing


    Oloklirothikan the sparring with the group of Lord's Taverners

      Completed racing events with the group of Lord's Taverners, the conduct of the scheduled match at Stadium Marina on Monday 15 May, with Taverners earn our National, with 8 wickets and score 182-178. The

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    Events in Lower Square with the Lord's Taverners.

      They held with great success, την Κυριακή 14 May Lower Square celebrations of Greek British Friendship, with the popular group involving the Lord's Taverners. The Greek Federation of Cricket under design, began training events


    Sxolikoi Games Cricket

      yesterday, Thursday 11 May 2017, the School Games Cricket Elementary Schools, the sports facilities of EAKK. The races were held under the auspices of the Regional D / Directorate of Education and Physical Education Group, in cooperation with the Greek Federation Cricket

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    The Lord’s Taverners in Corfu

        The Lord’s Taverners will be be playing two T20 matches against a Corfu Select XI at Liston Square on Sunday 14 May 2017 and at Gouvia Marina on Monday 15 May 2017. Included in the tour party is

  • School Cricket Tournament Games

      The GREEK Cricket Federation in cooperation with the Regional D / A DIRECTION / THMIAS and B / THMIAS EDUCATION IONION ISLANDS, Cricket organizing school games which will be held Thursday 11 May at 09.00 in Sports Hall Basketball. In the tournament will participate

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