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    Back with Cup!

    With two Greek Cup matches 2020 open Area, The competitive activity of the Hellenic Cricket Federation has started, την Κυριακή 5 July 2020. The GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION OF BYRON started with the right, where with a draw score against last year's Cup winner, G.E.. THINALION

  • Meeting with the Secretary General of Sports

    PRESS RELEASE Meeting of the President and the Vice President of the Hellenic Cricket Federation Mr.. Nikitas Iosif and Katsora Kyriakou with the General Secretary of Sports Mr.. George Mavrotas, to be held in Athens, the manufacture 26 July. The GGA had the initiative of the meeting,

  • Ecl

    Hellenic Cricket Federation Partnership, Corfu 7 – 8 November 2020

      Hellenic Cricket Federation Partnership with European Cricket League -4 Playing Teams – Completed player squad list 1 week before the start of the event -Corfu –

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    Lottery results of the Men's Championship A.X.. 2020

    MANUFACTURE FOR COMPLETION OF MEN'S MATCHES 2020   On Thursday 18/06/2020 and time 19.00 at the offices of EL.OK located on K. Georgakis 26 in Corfu, the following signatories gathered, members of the Championship Committee in order to conduct it

  • Invitation to voluntary blood donation as part of the initiative “Live Sports “

      The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Cricket Federation invites athletes Cricket, in the voluntary blood donation that will take place this Sunday 14 and on Monday 15 June, from the 18:00 until 21:00 in Spianada Square of Corfu, for

  • Instructions for safe exercise in sports venues

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR SECURITY EXERCISE IN ORGANIZED SPORTS SITES Taking into account the article 3 of the decision 19227/ Issue B ' 1868/17.05.2020 and the instructions of the G.G.A.. Regarding the lifting of restrictions on sports activities, we know that only athletes are allowed to participate

  • Registration in the Register of Sports Associations of the G.G.A.

    We inform you that according to law 4373/2016, which provides for the creation of a Register of Sports Bodies, the General Secretariat of Sports puts into operation for the first time the "Register of Sports Associations", which is the first official record of all sports

  • T20 Senior Cricket Tournament

    Recommendation for restarting racing actions

      The Board of Directors submitted a proposal today. of the Hellenic Olympic Committee to the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports the General Secretary of Sports and the competent scientific scientific committee of the General Secretariat of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Cricket Federation (EL.O.K) expressed both congratulations on the initiative

  • Announcement of Hellenic Cricket Federation

    Following on from the decisions of the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health against Coronavirus (Government decision 7261 / 8.3.2020), Hellenic Cricket Federation board postponing the General Annual meeting which was scheduled to take place on March 21,

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