President's Greeting

President's Greeting

With great pleasure to welcome you to the new website of the Greek Federation of Cricket, that radically upgraded both in terms of content and aesthetics. In this new effort heavy emphasis on achieving rapid, Early, reliable and continuous updating of visitors about the sport of Cricket, our efforts on the development and the importance of the cultural and spiritual richness of Corfu and the surrounding area. The site will provide useful information on Federation activities both at international and national level, for races, Results, and any current activity.

The new website was created with great care and love for the sport that we all serve the aim to increase the interest of the fans. Particularly I would like to invite young children to learn this exciting sport, the nobility and the peaceful spirit.

Our new website we believe to be the bridge through the photographic material, Information and updates for all . Athletes who retired due to age, with young people who continue this sporting tradition of our island .

The effort is ambitious, long and has a long way. Success depends on all and your active participation , with suggestions or your comments.

Thank you for your preference and wish you good surfing !

President EL.O.K
Joseph Nikitas