Competitive Report

Corfu 18/09/2018


Within season planning 2019 , while the processing of financial budget which will be completed in October, the Board of Directors together with the relevant committees, tends to gather the necessary actual data both racing and financially, which will be the basis and yardstick for the design of 2019. The Federation aiming primarily to redefine the position of both the state assessment and the General Secretariat of Sports, and to the World Federation of Cricket, systematically worked to increased militant activity, which is associated with the development, and the dissemination of the sport.

With a substantially inadequate state budget, the Federation has shown that the particular nature of the sport which is determined by the multifaceted offer, (form of alternative tourism / media socialization and smooth integration of foreigners / point of culture and tradition ) coupled with high dynamics, can generate significant and evaluable results in sports and tourist level. The EL.O.K is from 2018, certified sports tourism vector MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORT -GENIKIS LITERATURE SPORT – Department SPORTS TOURISM AND ALTERNATIVE ACTIVITIES mass sports.

Ειδικότερα, They conducted from January to July total 114 Cricket matches indoors concerning national championships and tournaments. Also from April to October the upcoming open space competitions both championships and tournament level and within sports tourism will be completed with particularly high traffic of foreign groups.

National teams, it is understood that the margins were crammed in the establishment of racing activity for the current year, because of the economic budget but mainly because of erroneous exclusion of Greece from the World Cup 2019. The Greek National Team, undoubtedly had the ability and the competitive level to participate in the World Cup and this arises partly documented by racing countries results already playing in qualifying tournament. The Board. It considers paradoxical and unfair exclusion of Greece and about’ it had sought review of the decision and more accurate system of selection and classification.

The country eligibility criteria- Member, both had originally been clarified by the ICC, other legal impediments to the non-participation of non-Greek athletes to the National Team and other sporting events necessitates a process of redefining and updating the sports legislation in issues of participation of non-Greek athletes with compliance with the specific regulations of the respective International Federation. Success of the year the participation of the Greek Referee John Afthinou World Cup U19 .

Meeting all subjects will be held in early October with the General Secretary of Sports. July Synadinos , along with designing an agenda of meetings with diplomatic representatives and bodies of the Foreign Ministry.

The Board. I wish to thank the Region of Ionian Islands to support the Federation in action, Mr. Nick Louvre for their excellent work in the promotion and development of sports tourism and the promotion of Corfu, sports clubs with great effort and self-denial in extreme conditions involved in development work of the Federation and actions.

Many congratulations to the G.S.K BYRON team for creation and participation of young age categories and in exceptional start-club Men's club A.O.P.K THE decathlon. The Board. the EL.O.K feel the need to publicly thank the Director of the Marina Gouves Mr.. Dimitri Koutsodontis to support and sponsor our Ionian Park Hotel , which proves its social responsibility and contribution to Corfu.