Press release – Educational Workshop Cricket in Thessaloniki, EL.O.K

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Press release – Educational Workshop Cricket in Thessaloniki, EL.O.K

Corfu 6.2.2013

Press release

Participation of Greek Hockey Federation at the ICC Development Program "STREET 20"

Cricket has an important role in Europe in the lives of young people who belong to vulnerable social groups. The street program 20 It is an initiative of the ICC and Cricket for change and is part of the actions to address social exclusion and integration of people in a society of equal opportunities.

To program launched in London this week and based on form T20 , which makes the game easy and short. The main objective of the program through this form is to attract more young people to the sport, the projection of the neighborhoods and the introduction of annual International Championships.

While focusing on the smooth integration of people belonging to specific groups but also to the collapse of Racial , religious , social and economic discrimination through cultivation of teamwork, of the cooperation, and the general spirit of the game (spirit of Cricket).

The Greek Federation Cricket participates together with five other countries (Finland, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands) the three-day seminar conducted in London by coach Otto Nikita .