Hellenic Premier League 2018

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The Greek Federation of Cricket in the sport's development framework alongside the view of Corfu and Greece in general implements for 5th consecutive years Tournament Men called Iellenic Premier League, with the participation of amateur athletes Cricket both from Greece and from abroad. Although the interest in participation figures exceed 300 people, However, the difficulty in handling visa generate smaller but evaluable results. In this year tournament which is carried out by 8 until 13 October most of Greek Group participated four other teams. Alongside, purpose of such actions is to spread the sport spirit (spirit of Cricket) the idea of ​​acceptance, diversity, and the promotion of mutual respect for different cultures and traditions. As part of the Federation policy to boost the integration of immigrants, a study which is under the process of European union, while the implementation of such sporting events are designed to encourage the participation of foreigners in sport, both at the local community level and broader. Group 21 people from the Deaf Federation of India visited Corfu in order to participate in the organization and with scheduled visit to Athens to meet Greek Culture. Hosted at the offices of the Federation Wednesday 11/10 and then they had a tour of the city. In the event also involved foreign amateur athletes from Athens Thessaloniki Corfu. The team at the University of Karachi failed to timely dikepaireosei the visa so to stay out of the tournament. The event will continue today 11/10 and tomorrow 12/10 stadium Marina, while Saturday will take place awards event in Hotel Ionian Park Hotel.