Modify special notices 2020 – organization certified arbitration schools and Coaching in collaboration with the World Federation of Cricket.

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Modified special notices national championships indoors St.. Περιόδου 2020 the categories Ladies, Men, young Women, Men Youth Girls, Adolescents, Children and Pampaidon. The changes were implemented within the framework of legality and in any case before the start of the Championships, Therefore withdrawal of K.G.S unions and G.S.K BYRON by age categories (teen, young women, girls).

The event of unavailability of the Closed Gym Basketball, changing start dates which were originally scheduled for Saturday- Sunday 25 and 26/01 . The Board. has made the 3/1/2020 the decision no. 3318/2020, information letter - request to the Management Committee on E.A.K.K matches, and is cooperating as games obligations gym are many.


As part of the upgrade of racing events, formal and non, staffing arbitration and expanding the training of manpower Federation and unions, the EL.O.K has included in the annual action plan the organization level arbitration school 1 and coaching level 2. The seminars will be co-organized with the World Cricket Federation and will provide international certifications to successful.

Condition of participation in the coaching seminar is to hold the level of certification 1. Stakeholders are invited to contact the secretariat of the Federation for more information.