Meeting with the Secretary General of Sports


Meeting of the President and the Vice President of the Hellenic Cricket Federation Mr.. Nikitas Iosif and Katsora Kyriakou with the General Secretary of Sports Mr.. George Mavrotas, to be held in Athens, the manufacture 26 July.

The GGA had the initiative of the meeting, while it was a unique opportunity to present themselves live, issues of major importance for the operation of the Federation, both at the administrative level and in the crucial sector of the development of the sport but also of its utilization, in areas important and decisive for the social normalcy but also the promotion of Greece.

The President and the Vice President expressed the difficulties faced by the Federation, especially in the field of lack of sports infrastructure in Athens but also under funding, which reaches the limits of disrepute.

With the intervention of the GGA, the President and the Vice President visited the hockey field and the auxiliary track field in Agios Kosmas and found the suitability of the facilities.. Their conditional disposal, and cooperation with the sports center, we are sure, that it will be the decisive step for the rapid development of the sport in Athens, as now a large number of sports potential will be able to train systematically, to be absorbed by our unions, so as to increase the base of sports and competitive activities, always in the context of security and legality.

Issues of cooperation at the level of programs with a wide social impact were also discussed, humanitarian contribution and highlighting the great importance and value of sport in general.

We warmly thank the GGA and his associates for the excellent meeting, which we hope to do at regular intervals, in the context of the progress of our cooperation.