Clarification on the implementation of resolution. No.. HMC / GDOA / DAOPAAEFDS / TAED / 386611/ 15976/ 1417/152/03-08-2018, (Β΄/ 3254/ 08-08-2018) CMD Minister of Health and Culture and Sport Deputy and No.. HMC / GDOA / DAOPAAEFDS / TAED / 432589/ 17798/1552/168/06-09-2018 (Β΄/3967/12- 09-2018) the amending this.



When determining the conditions and health certification process
athletes by recording in Health Card Athlete, as defined in CMD into
No.. HMC / GDOA / DAOPAAEFDS / TAED / 386611/ 15976/ 1417/152/03-08-2018, (Β΄/
3254/08-08-2018) "Health Card Athlete" and No.. HMC / GDOA /
DAOPAAEFDS / TAED / 432589/ 17798/ 1552/ 168/ 06-09-2018 (Β΄/3967/12-09-2018)
the amending this, with this circular states the following:
1. The adoption of the Athlete Health Card is compulsory only for athletes who
They enrolled in the sports club register and have gained Bull Sports

2. The Health Card Athlete shall be a separate document and is not linked to the Bulletin
athletic Status. A personal document of the athlete, held and
presented required the Secretariat or the competent arbitrator fight any kind
sports event playing character, as a key condition for participation in
trainings and competitions.

3. The Health Card Athlete considered exclusively by physicians, public or private
sector, who hold specialty cardiology. At the same time, It can be seen from
other medical specialties, after obtaining the relevant certification from the National Center
sports Research (EAEC) in proagonistikou auditing athletes, afterwards
successful attendance of specific postgraduate courses to be organized
to this end by said carrier. The first cycle of training other doctors
Specialties are expected to start in late October year 2018.

4. Upon completion of the planned medical athlete control legislation, ο
medical care for the endorsement of the Health Card Athlete confirming with sharp
signature and stamp of the relevant field in the form. For other medical specialties,
beyond the stamp and signature, must be entered, in the same field, the Personal
Certification number, they will receive after the successful completion of specific
postgraduate seminars of the EAEC.

5. The visa (joint signature) Health Card Athlete by the Federation is

6. Within the scope of protection of privacy legislation, η
Federation or Association not keep on file a copy of the Athlete's Health.

7. The issue and renewal of health card is free, without any financial
charge of clubs and athletes.

8. The adoption of the Health Card Athlete extended until the 08/10/2018.