Instructions for safe exercise in sports venues


Έχοντας υπόψη το άρθρο 3 of the decision 19227/ Issue B ' 1868/17.05.2020 and the instructions of the G.G.A.. on lifting restrictions on athletic activity we know that athletes are allowed to participate for training only thirteen years old (13) years and older (born up to 31.12.2007) according with the following terms and conditions.


Pre-race Medical Examination

Pre-race medical check-ups are important before each athlete starts training, after such a long period of abstinence and pandemic. All athletes and athletes must provide a medical certificate that they are clinically healthy., which will bear the signature and seal of a physician. If someone has been ill with Covid-19 and wants to exercise intensively, The medical examination should be done specifically by a cardiologist as the virus can cause heart damage.. Relevant instructions are available on the website of the General Secretariat of Sports. The clubs are solely responsible for maintaining the medical certificates and the health protocols of the athletes and their coaches..


Access to training

In each installation, those entering and leaving with their contact details will be recorded, so that there is the possibility of tracking any COVID-19 impact by EODY. The list of entrants / exits will be compulsorily kept by the clubs for each training. For the Marina stadium- Goubia training will always be conducted with a program issued by the Federation at the request of the clubs and subject to compliance with all safety measures.. Representatives of the unions that will use the Marina stadium are obliged to observe safety measures and to observe health and special protocols..


About Training

During the first period, it is recommended that the training last about an hour. To avoid congestion of incoming and outgoing athletes, it is advisable to have a gap of about 20΄ between workouts. . It is recommended that the training be scheduled so that 75'-90 'minutes of use of the facility are assigned to each training hour., so that there is enough time (eg. 20΄) for the exit and entry of athletes, disinfection of premises, where it is also required to avoid meeting the incoming with the athletes leaving the sports facility. In the first workouts it is advisable for the coaches to dedicate 15'-20 'at the beginning to describe and explain to the athletes the new training conditions and the new habits that they must acquire after consulting the Safe Exercises Instructions of the General Secretariat of Sports as well as its instructions. of the respective Federation that exist in the section "Special Sports Protocols" on the GGA website

Coaches need to plan their training so that the conditions for safe exercise are met and that they are taken care of., emphasizing mainly the adequate dispersal of athletes in the field, to avoid contact and to use only individual equipment by each athlete.



For surface up to 600 sqm is provided 1 person per 25sqm

For surfaces larger than 600 sq.m.

1 person per 25 sqm for the first 600 sq.m.

1 person per 50 sqm for the extra sqm



1 person per 30 sqm within the stadium and surrounding area (eg. in a closed

gym 650sqm maximum will be 22 people)




Athletes participating in the preparation of the National Team must immediately and before the start of training in the Federation provide a medical certificate that they are clinically healthy., which will bear the signature and seal of a physician.. The training program will be observed as it will be issued by the Federation and always under the health rules of athletes and coaches of the G.G.A. . The coach will plan the training so that the conditions of safe distance are observed, emphasizing mainly the adequate dispersion of the athletes in the field., to avoid contact and to use only individual equipment by each athlete. The ball will be used individually with gloves and every over will be disinfected.



They immediately inform the coach in case they have any illness (cough shortness of breath , excessive fatigue). They have individual antiseptics, use only their own equipment and enhanced surgical gloves. The use of gloves does not replace hand hygiene. They will use individually bottled water. After training, wash clothes at high temperatures and disinfect the equipment with chlorine solution . Slaps are prohibited , hugs and friendly hits. Immediately inform the Federation of any suspicious case of an athlete or coach or any other person involved. All involved should demonstrate the necessary individual responsibility, protecting themselves and their fellow human beings from the serious threat of COVID-19 infection