Successfully completed the Erasmus program sosial integration through sport


CORFU 01/08/2019



H GREEK FEDERATION OF CRICKET (EL.O.K), successfully concluded its participation in the European project "PROJECT SOCIAL INTEGRATION THROUGH SPORT” which was held in Gklavatartsi Bulgaria from 22-28 July with the participation noon (12) athletes / three. The program involved the Federation of Bulgaria and Hungary. The establishment of shipment was completed through the call dispatch process of interest EL.OK. sent to all clubs members of the Federation. Athletes was accompanied by the Special Secretary and President of the Public Relations Committee of EL.O.K Mr.. Athena Peace Altana and the secretariat of the program and the necessary ease for on-line correspondence, the Federation officer Mr.. Helen Stefopoulou.

The program is part of support for human rights through sport, the meeting of cultures, transmitting the value of sport, who has the power to educate and mold integrated personalities as creates self-awareness opportunities, interstate relations, friendship, respect and tolerance for diversity in a multicultural environment. The program was attended excellent disabled athletes.

The planned actions, included cricket matches between countries, group work , tours to museums and other cultural sites, presentation of traditional customs of each country , games for understanding teamwork cooperation , especially the training of athletes in the acceptance of diversity.

The EL.O.K through the action taken as a permanent seal for all children an unforgettable life experience which will leave an indelible imprint in the hearts of all children.

For the Board.