Participation in the Antipodes Festival in Australia, 23/2-4/3 2012, EL.O.K

Antipodes 2012

Participation in the Antipodes Festival in Australia, 23/2-4/3 2012, EL.O.K

Melbourne 23/2 – 4/3 2012

Participation of Greek Cricket Festival Antipodes 2012
Meetings – Actions to promote the sport and sports tourism

With great success for the second consecutive year the mission of the Greek Federation Cricket Antipodes Festival in Melbourne purpose of advertising cricket, Corfu, the Ionian Islands and Greece in general to all visitors of events. At this year's festival was attended by prominent personalities to highlight the presence of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The Greek mission visited for the second consecutive year the Consul General of Greece in Melbourne Mr.. Helen Lianidou. The same congratulated once the Federation referred to the large contribution of Cricket to strengthen the bonds between Corfu Melbourne.
Among others said:
"The stand of Cricket had a special presence this year which aired Corfu, and tourist and sporting aspect. Congratulations for the commendable effort, sport has dynamism and Corfu is leading to everything organized through Cricket. The effort of the Federation is now, a message of optimism and emulated for other agencies. In Melbourne there is strong Hellenism and the ground is fertile for such initiatives "

Meeting with state Sports Minister – Hugh Delahunty

The Greek mission, together with members of the Board of the Greek Australian Cricket Federation held a meeting with the state Sports Minister Hugh Delahunty. The Minister was informed about all activities of the Federation but also the links between Melbourne and Greece for the sport. The meeting was attended the President of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Australian Federal MP, John Pantazopoulos. The MP explained to the Minister the excellent work that has made Cricket Australia and among others said:
"We are supporters of the Greek Federation of Cricket and will do everything we can to send groups in Corfu and Greece in general. The contact Heptanisian to Melbourne is profit to Greece, for Culture of Greece, Profit for the economy and international relations.

Meeting with the President of the Senate and Members of the House of Victoria

Joint meeting of the EL board members. Ohm. CRICKET, the Australian States- Greek Federation, with the President of the Senate and Members of Victoria, held on 29/2 parliament. The meeting was held at the invitation of the MPs themselves, to the President and members of the Federation Board . Politicians and updated for the World Cup expatriates in September will be held in Corfu.

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Interviews dothisan in SBS Broadcasting Station, RadioHellas, 3XY, and the New World and newspapers which published articles OPA with praise for EL.O.K. The New World newspaper published an article entitled "Greek Case and the Cricket", which refers to the meeting of the EL board. Federal. Cricket and Australian- Greek Federation of Local State Minister sport HughDelahunty.

Visit to Educational Institutions

The focus of the activities included visiting Greek Schools, in educational institutions where the Greek language is taught as well as distance learning institutions. Μεταξύαυτώντο St John’s Greek Orthodox College, τοΟakleigh Mall school, τοΑlphington Grammar School καιτο Victorian School of languages. All representatives of schools were particularly attractive competitions and expressed their interest and intention to participate in racing events next year. Also the Greek Mission met with the heads of two school academies participating in the second school tournament in April in Corfu.

Meeting with Athletic Organizations Cricket Australia & Cricket Victoria

Visited with representatives of the two largest Sports Organizations , the CricketAustralia and CricketVictoria where there was a presentation of a high level of cooperation program with El. F.. Κρίκετ. The purpose of this program, turnout groups, the high-level racing events and more generally the strengthening and promotion of the sport. In the context of implementation of institutional objectives, the maximum information possible actions to those who express an interest to visit Greece.

Visit to Qatar – Meetings with schools

Qatar visited the members of the Greek Federation Cricket on their return from the Antipodes. The purpose of the visit was to conduct scheduled appointments with school academies that participated in the 1st International School Tournament and was going to visit Corfu to participate in 2o International Schools Cricket Tournament.