Brief History

Cricket is a team sport calm, characterized by the almost perfect functionality, evident nobility appearance and performance, peaceful development and a real high sporting spirit. Is sport without extremes dominated by disciplining the requirements of the strict regulation, in a civilized atmosphere players and spectators.

Cricket appears historically in Greece for the first time in Corfu, which was under British occupation, in 23 April 1823 with a game between the officers of the Royal Navy. Teenagers Corfu, even the adults of that era, tempted by this kind and calm entertaining team game and showed great interest in learning while the English on their part gladly volunteered to teach and spread the word. From this moment onwards it only took 12 years in Corfiot to learn the game and create two local teams to play with the British. One consisted of players lower and middle social status and called the young and other people of high social status and was named Big. After the departure of the British in 1864 from Corfu and the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece, created two local groups, the Company and the union Gogakis Kampitsis. It 1893 due to lack of players these two clubs merged and created the Athletic Club Corfu (K.G.S.), the third oldest club in Greece after the Greek and Panionios. The K.G.S. was the sole opponent for groups of ships of the Royal Navy who visited Corfu. It 1923 founded the Labour and 1925 opened its doors to the aristocracy and established the G.S.K. Byron, in memory of the great poet. Culminating in the era before the First World War was the 1904 with 30-40 ships of the Mediterranean fleet to be present at cricket matches and 1932 who was present at the Princess of Wales battleship Queen Elizabeth and 45 other ships.

It 1996 founded the Greek Cricket Federation (EL.O.K.) which a special legislative decree is based in Corfu. The EL.O.K. is a member of the International Cricket Council (I.C.C). The main objective is to maintain the Cricket pitch and high organizational level and also arrange for the dissemination and its passage to future. Apart from developing and spreading the sport, active in recent years in the development of alternative forms of tourism (athletic-conference), with the main objective view of Corfu, Ionian Islands and Greece in general.