Event Presentation of Cricket in Geneva, March 2012, EL.O.K

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Event Presentation of Cricket in Geneva, March 2012, EL.O.K

March 2012

Geneva 20-25/3/2012
Cricket Event Presentation of the Official Residence of the Ambassador & Head of the European Union to the World Trade Organization k.Angelou Pangratis

In Geneva visited the President of the Greek Cricket Federation,. Joseph Nikitas, Vice-President Kyriacos Katsoras and Public Relations and a member of the Board Mr.. Athena Altana at the invitation of the Ambassador and Head of the European Union, World Trade Organization Mr.. Angelos Pangratis. Representatives hosted the official residence of the European Union, in which he conducted the presentation event of the Cricket and Corfu. The event was attended by the Director General of the World Trade Organization, based in Geneva Mr.. PASCAL LAMY and a large number of Ambassadors powerful countries of the organization such as the American, China, Japan's Brazilian, Australia and many others.

All diplomatic representatives showed great interest in the sport , Corfu, while during the event was a video projection of Cricket and Corfu. The guests left excited, while thoughts were created for the future regarding the Cricket and conference tourism. The Federation representatives informed about planned international events, while the Ambassadors expressed confidence that it will be close and productive cooperation in the future.