Klirosi Panhellenic Championships Cricket ac. season 2020 enclosure

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Held Friday 27 December at 18.00 at the offices of EL.O.K, The draw of the Panhellenic Championships indoor, presence of Commission President Mr Championships. Stylianou taste and representatives of unions. Shortly before the conduct of the lottery Corfiot Gymnastic S.yllogos withdrew its participation by categories News- Men, Adolescents and Girls and G.S.K BYRON from the category of Youth - Women, fact, that will bring changes in the pattern of special notices.

In the category of Men, five teams will participate, whereas under the draw the first match will take place between the K.G.S and A.S.ATLA. The Championship will take place in a group and a tour.

Curtain at the Women's Championship 2020 will open the Decathlon which will compete in his first race with the G.E.K. In seven teams participating category, The matches will take place in two phases two groups and two round . The groups were formed with geographical criteria, while the number of matches held draw.

In the category of Young Women take part, after the withdrawal of Byron , seven teams and the championship will be held in two groups, also set up with geographical criteria. Change in the pattern looks the committee taking into account criteria such as the increase in militant activity, and the lack of facilities. First fight under the draw by the Group is K.G.S -A.O.P.K THE decathlon while the VOmilo AK NEW FALIROU- A.P.S DIAS .

In the category of teenagers seven teams participating , four of Corfu and three from Athens first match of Group A between groups A.O.P.K THE Decathlon - G.S.K VYROΝ, while from the Vomilo AK. NEW FALIROU with CHAMPION CHRISTO Tzovaras .

The Cadet Championship 2020 for the new year is one of the most important thirty games in its design and the six participating teams. The design of the Federation is the prospect of selecting and setting up a group of selected athletes from the participating clubs for the preparation and participation in training camp abroad in 2020 and if they allow economic Federation .

The dates of the program will be drawn up after consultation with the Steering Committee EAKK but by finding the pitch in Athens. The Board. and the new Championship Committee wishes good racing year with successes and honors.