Event Cutting Cake and Awards

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Held Saturday afternoon 20 February in the Ionian Academy Hall, the awards event and cut the New Year cake, the Greek Cricket Federation. The event was attended by representative of His Eminence Metropolitan of Corfu and Paxos Diapontia Islands, Deputy Mayor and spokesman Mr. Corfu Municipality. Karydis George, the former President of the Association of Football Referees Mr.. Joachim Georgoudis, many athletes with their parents, members of the Board Sport Associations, coaches, veteran athletes, referees and sports fans.

President EL.O.K, He presented the agonistic activity of the Federation both at National and at International level, He referred to the importance and contribution of Cricket as a main form of sports tourism in the Region, the improvement of sports infrastructure of the island and the need to create a field of the Federation, project that will bring rapid development side benefits for the sport and Corfu.

During the event were awarded cups and medals to athletes and athletes with ac discrimination. season 2015, and awards to athletes with exceptional race discrimination were introduced in higher education institutions. Best Player of the Year award was given to athletes Alexander skewers and Anastasios Manousi.

Ο Πρόεδρος κ. Iosif Nikitas and the Board members. warmly thank the Honorable Rector of the Ionian University Professor Mr. Chrisikopoulos Kingdom for the allocation of the hall and everyone who attended the event .

For the Board.