About arbitration schools and coaching level 2

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As part of the upgrade of racing events, formal and non, staffing arbitration and expanding the training of manpower Federation and unions, the EL.O.K has included in the annual operations planning organizing stage Arbitration School 1 and 2 and coaching level 2.

The seminars will be co-organized by the World Federation Creekht and the ECB, while international certifications awarded to the successful.

The schools will be held in the framework of implementing the development program targets 2019-2021 Federation and aimed at people who wish to contribute to the development of the sport and become part of the dissemination of.

As to the level coaching school 2 , which will be held partially in 2 phases, Participants should implement two-month practical training in order to successfully complete the phase b faculty. Applicants must provide a criminal record. For more information contact the secretariat of the Federation.