Visit Expatriate Athletes from Australia, September 2010, EL.O.K

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Visit Expatriate Athletes from Australia, September 2010, EL.O.K

September 2010

Visit Expatriate Athletes from Australia

In September, mission visited Greece Greek athletes originating from Cricket Australia. The trip to Greece planned the new founded Australian- Greek Cricket Federation ", based in Melbourne. The mission arrived in Athens on 7 September. The purpose of the mission was the networking of people around the world through Cricket, The revival of relations of Greek-Australians with Greece through acquaintance with the local tradition and the Greek way of life and of course the Diaspora use for the promotion of Greek tourism. The mission was accompanied by Greek origin MP of Victoria State, former Minister of Tourism Mr.. John Pantazopoulos , Australian journalists , Very responsible Cultural Affairs K.. Chatzoglou and General Manager of the Australian Football Federation K.. Demetriou.

The General Secretary of Sports K. Panagiotis Bitsaxis welcomed expatriates in the country congratulated the Federation for this excellent initiative of organizing the festival that promotes the further development of the sport and of our country's sports tourism mainly through the participation of the Greek diaspora.

The meeting also discussed the prospects of further development and improvement of bilateral sporting relations between Greece and Australia under signature Protocol Sports Cooperation between the two countries. On the initiative of the Member's Cash Corfu Angeliki Gerekos, expatriates tour of the New Acropolis Museum and they had the opportunity to enjoy the huge variety of museum exhibits . The President of the Museum Mr.. Dimitris Pantermalis greeted cordially expatriates toured the premises and gave them souvenirs.